Champagne jean COMYN

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The history of Champagne COMYN

Mr. Maurice Brugnon, who was a winegrower at the beginning of the century at Ecueil (suburb of Reims) gave up his wine house to his son.

His son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Comyn settled in Mont-Saint-Père at the end of the 1960’s.

Mr Comyn’s hard work consisted in redeveloping hilly plots of fallow land, planted then given up after the phylloxera (an insect which destroyed French vineyards from 1880 to 1911) then forgotten during the difficult events from the beginning of the century :

the first and second world wars of 14-18 and 40-45
the lack of benefits after the 1929 crisis
Our first planting on the Mont-Saint-Père soil dates back to 1970. As the first harvest arrived three years later, the wine presses began immediately to be built.


From now on, since 1997, the third generation has at the present time at his head the son, Emmanuel Comyn.

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