Champagne jean COMYN

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Champagne winemaking



Our grapes arrive in our presses within two hours of picking. Our pressing center is designed not to pump the juice obtained to avoid any oxidation and thus guarantee the freshness of the aromas and the good expression of the terroir.

The three varieties are pressed separately and the plot is respected. Thus, a range of basic wines is prepared for the blending of future wines.




The Champagnes Jean Comyn are the result of the art of blending. They are a reflection of the soul of the winemaker. This heritage lies in the knowledge of the terroir and is complemented by traditional winemaking methods. Each blending is unique. We make our wines for your tasting pleasure.

Our signature is based on the adoption of a vinification promoting the freshness of wines and their great finesse.The maturation of the wines lasts from 2 to 7 years allowing the appearance of greedy notes in the blending of our range.



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